"Homecrest Style Replacement Cushions and Homecrest Style Replacement Slings are now available here! Homecrest outdoor furniture is one of the most well-known and popular high-quality outdoor patio furniture brands made in the United States. A family-owned company that started in Wadena, Minnesota, Homecrest dominated the outdoor furniture market for many years and offers some of the most comfortable, high-quality outdoor furniture ever produced. For this reason, many people are seeking to repair worn, ripped or damaged Homecrest Style cushions, slings, and padded slings. Better-quality outdoor furniture such as Homecrest has been brightening patios for decades, and is well worth the time and effort needed to repair and refinish. Why throw away perfectly good furniture when Chair Care Patio Furniture Repair can help you give your Homecrest patio chairs and chaises a fresh new look with new replacement cushions and replacement slings and padded slings? Patio furniture repair is a satisfying, economical, and ""GREEN"" alternative to donating to the local landfills!"